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Google Caffeine: The New Program Stimulant

Google is preparing to return out with a brand new program known as Google caffein. Google has plans to unveil it before long, in competition with MSN’s new program Bing. The preview version of Google caffein is out and that i had the prospect to check it out and compare it with the recent Google program and MSN Live’s Bing. I wished to match them to investigate however totally different Google caffein is as a pursuit engine compared to those that area unit already out there. Below area unit some results of the testing I did to seek out out however the recent Google program and therefore the new Google caffein program area unit as compared.

The new Google caffein provides search results over double as quick because the current Google program. The speed of providing search results is simply phenomenal! once I searched the term “Offshore SEO ” in Google caffein I got my leads to zero.16 seconds as compared to regular Google that provided Maine my leads to zero.47 seconds. However, if you embody any special characters like quotes in your search results Google caffein is slightly quicker than the regular Google program. Even once I used quotes, I searched the term “social bookmarking” in each search engines, and it gave Maine the Google caffein results zero.10 seconds quicker than the regular Google program. the sole distinction was that the new Google caffein did not continually point out as several image results.

But i am idea that would be as a result of they are still fine calibration the program and it’s still in its development stages. once it came to the number of search results stated for every keyword searched, the new Google program hierarchical  higher far and away. once I looked for the term seo in each search engines, Google caffein came up with 247,000,000 results whereas regular Google came up with a mere 195,000,000 results. perhaps the speed of MSN Live’s Bing triumphed over Google momentarily however Google is currently within the method of reclaiming their title because the best program on the web.

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